Nr 17 - Junior Equitation

Junior Equitation in de HJEH Online Horse Show.

Gejureerd door Leslie Post.

Leslie Post

Leslie Post: USHJA jury'R' gecertificeerd in Hunters en Equitation. Daarnaast is ze al 24 jaar werkzaam als Equine Veterinary Technician.

1st place: When things are good, there is very little to say! I really like this pair. The rider's lower leg is very good. Her heel is down, her leg is contacting her horse at the girth, therefore it is supporting her body. This frees the horse to jump in good form.

Her seat is off his back, but close to the saddle making the rider feel secure. Her back is flat, her eyes are up and there is no appearance of tension in either horse or rider. She has adequate crest release and fits her mount (her horse) well. I place this rider First in this class.

2nd place: In this photo, the Jump standard is in the way of the rider's lower leg, But from what I can see it looks pretty good. It has slipped back a little bit, but not as much as we see in other photos. She would improve this by shortening her stirrups a hole or two. 

I like the position of her upper body. Her back is flat and her eyes are up. She could give a little more crest release (release with her hand on the crest of the horse's neck), but she is not interfering with her horse over this jump.



I must comment on this horse because I love his expression and his effort over this jump. He looks like a horse who likes his job. This rider is placed Second in this class.

3rd place: This rider is made insecure by what is happening with her lower leg. Her stirrup is too far BACK on her foot, it would improve her position to place the stirrup on the ball of her foot (the widest part of your foot after your toes). Shortening her stirrups two holes will help her flex her ankle so that her heel is down, instead of up. She should bring her leg towards the girth so it supports her upper body. 

Once her leg is in the proper position she she would feel more secure. Her upper body is correct. I like the distance between her chin and her horse's neck. Her back is flat and her eyes are looking forward.


Her crest release could be improved a little bit. You can see that she is pulling on the corner of her horse's mouth. I don't think she is turning in the air because her eyes are looking straight. The horse may jump better with his front end if he did not need to worry about his mouth. I place this rider in Third place.

4th place: This rider looks very intense and is over Jumping her horse (too much movement for the jump and too forward). Her leg has slipped too far back to support her body so she gripped tightly with her knees instead. Her leg would improve by keeping the stirrup on the ball of her foot instead of being placed in front of the heel of her boot. By fixing her stirrup position on her foot,  and shortening the stirrup a hole or two, her ankle would flex down and her knee would relax, dropping her weight closer to her horse. There is a lot of air between her seat and the saddle.


I would prefer to see more air between her chin and her horse's neck. By lowering her heel and seat, she would be able to elevate her upper body. That lets her focus on the next jump and the rest of the course. Her hands are good, releasing her horse's head so he can jump well. It looks like her helmet is a bit too big and it would help her if it fit better. I place this rider fourth in this class.