Nr 9 - Adult Equitation

Adult Equitation in de HJEH Online Horse Show.

Gejureerd door Robert Robold.

Robert Robold

Robert Robold: USHJA jury'R' gecertificeerd in Hunters, Equitation en Conformatie. Oprichter van Nothhammock Stables welke 11 nationale en lokale kampioenschappen heeft gehost. 

1st place: When I picture a Equitation rider in my head this is the closest example of the 4 riders to me. 

However, she has rolled up on her toe which has brought her seat slightly higher out of the saddle than necessary. Her leg is under her so she can land correctly in her heel on the back side of the jump.

She is demonstrating an appropriate crest release and has a nice flat back. 

The horse has the jumping style to equitate on, this means it is a nice type of horse to ride to practice your equitation. They look like a well matched team.

2nd place: This rider gives me a first impression of confidence. Her heel is down but her leg has slipped back a little.

She seems to be attempting to lift the horse with her hands. Her hands are too far forward. She shows a nice flat back. She looks a little left behind the motion and trying to catch up by putting her hands forward. But we see she has allowed her horse freedom to use his head and neck for balance. This horse folds his knees nicely and has a kind expression.

Overall a little behind the motion and a slight loss of lower leg position. 

3rd place: This rider seems to have found a long distance to this jump. 

Her leg is where I would like to see it. The long distance to the jump has made her stand up and pull on the reins to stay with the motion. 

I would like to see her use a little mane for support out in front of her chest instead, then the horse can better use his head and neck for balance. The horse looks bright and willing. I might like to see this rider from more of an average distance to the jump, and some of these position problems would not happen. 

4th place: I like the free release the rider is using here allowing her horse to negotiate a water hazard freely. 

It looks like her stirrups are a bit short which makes her connection to the horse in the ankle region too open. Also her foot has become home in the stirrup(foot too far in stirrup) and her knee is above the saddle instead of in contact with the saddle.  I don't see many Fjords in Florida. He looks like he is thinking hard in this picture. Cute horse.

Overall we have a lack of base of support.