Nr 6 - Adult Equitation

Adult Equitation in de HJEH Online Horse Show.

Gejureerd door Leslie Post.

Leslie Post

Leslie Post: USHJA jury'R' gecertificeerd in Hunters en Equitation. Daarnaast is ze al 24 jaar werkzaam als Equine Veterinary Technician.

1st place: I like almost everything about this rider’s position. Her lower leg is perfect, the angle of her foot in the stirrup provides the base of support for her upper body. She is looking forward to the next jump. Her back is flat and she is nicely above her horse’s withers, not pressing down on his neck like we ofter see in the hunter ring. She has a good release with her hands. This rider appears confident and capable of competing at the level she is doing here. The turnout of this pair is neat and attractive for eventing competition, but in the equitation arena we would find the blue stirrups distracting as a judge. I like this horse. He is jumping well and looks well cared for. My only concern is that her seat is so far away from the saddle, but it appears she has very long legs so this maybe why.

2nd place. I like this pair. Although it is a casual setting, the basics are good. The rider is well placed in the middle of her horse. Her release is very good and can be seen as pleasing to her horse. Her eyes are up, her back is flat and I really like her seat. I prefer to see riders staying close to the saddle, rather than launching themselves up the neck. 

It looks to me like her lower leg needs a fine-tuning. Her heels should be lower, accepting the rider’s weight and lowering her centre of gravity. I would like to see her contact with her heel and calf against the horse’s barrel. 

The horse looks like a dependable competitor. He is doing the job asked of him well. He could be tighter with his front end, but it wasn’t necessary for this jump. He/She looks a little thin in the photo as is ofter the case coming out of winter.

3rd place. The first thing I notice about this pair is the too short release of the rider. This is one thing that can really impact the horse’s jumping style and can result in bringing down rails. The horse’s bascule would be better with a longer release. 

Her leg looks strong, but has slipped back a little. The stirrup leather should be along the girth.

Her eyes are up, it looks like she has a plan for what is next.

For an Equitation class I would find her hair distracting. I have learned that it is better for women to wear their hair out of the helmet, but perhaps it could be brained. I really like this horse. His knees are nicely up and are even. He is shiny and looks fit and healthy. 

4th place. This photo of a horse at a show has a few problems that would be easier to critique with a whole course to evaluate. It looks like this horse is jumping in a guarded way. He looks off balance. Horses do this to protect themselves. He is not bringing his front legs up to the vertical and is uneven with them. 

The rider is also off balance. She is not in the middle of her horse. Her leg has slipped back, her heel is up, toe down, and she is gripping with her knee. This makes her centre of gravity higher up her body and makes her feel insecure. This contributes to her poor release. You can see the tension in her horse’s expression. Her hands are hovering over the neck, and it looks like the rider is holding on, by her hands. It may help her to lengthen her stirrup a hole so that she can lower her heel.