Schooling Show Saturday June 27

Schooling Show over a full Hunter or Equitation course in several divisions with judging by USHJA certified judge DESIREE JOHNSON. 


EXCLUSIVE: Get a chance to experience how it feels to have a trainer’s point of view on a ‘competition like’ day like this! JOAN SCHARFFENBERGER-LAARAKKERS will be present in the warming-up arena to watch several rounds and help you learn what big value a trainer point of view is to help you understand your ranking and improve for a next future show. Furthermore, Joan will be happy to answer all kind of questions you have on Hunters and Equitation. Please bring your own trainer/coach/instructor to listen to Joan! 


Divisions available: 

- Children’s Hunter* or Equitation** until 12 years old 

- Juniors Hunter or Equitation until 18 years old

- Adult Hunter or Equitation for 18 years and older

- Open Hunter Derby***

*Hunter: Long, easy lines in relatively simple course and judging is focussed on the horse. 

**Equitation: More technical course with a test like a trot jump, hand galop jump, halt etc. and judging is focussed on the rider.
*** Height Open Hunter Derby 110 cm. Heights other divisions: ponies 40-60 cm, horses 60-80 cm.


Sign up for a division and ride three rounds! This includes two jumping classes and one flat class. Judge DESIREE JOHNSON will talk riders per division live through her judge stagger as will each round end with a ranking. This way each rider gets the opportunity to hear how judging is done and get results quickly. 


Costs €50,- per division.

Starting times will be announced within the week before the Schooling Show.

Everyone is asked to wear their back-number, which you can collect at the HJEH secretary. 

Courses are announced within the week before the Schooling Show. 
Competition turnout is required.



Lead-line class Saturday June 27

Lead-line class at Equestrian Centre de Peelbergen during the break in the HJEH Schooling Show at Saturday June 27. 


Special division for the youngest riders age five and younger to be shown on the lead-line on their cutest little hunter ponies. Kids come in the show ring all together and present themselves and their ponies to our HJEH apprentice judge. The judge will look for a nice turnout, good position in the saddle, good leg position, nice hands and suitability of the pony for the rider. 


Costs €15,- per rider.

For all kids a small goodie-bag is available when they collect their back-number at the HJEH secretary.


Zondag 2 februari, Stal Groenendaal Bunschoten

Voorafgaand zaterdag 1 februari clinic.

Zondag 8 maart, Stal Groenendaal Bunschoten

Voorafgaand zaterdag 7 maart clinic.

Zondag 22 maart, EC de Peelbergen Kronenberg

Voorafgaand zaterdag 21 maar clinic.


Dinsdag 28 april, Stal Laseur Soest

Voorafgaand maandag 27 april Koningsdag clinic.


Zondag 24 mei, Stal Schröder Tubbergen

Voorafgaand zaterdag 23 mei clinic.


Zaterdag 20 juni, PSC Lichtenvoorde Vragender

Voorafgaand vrijdag 19 juni clinic.


27 juni, EC de Peelbergen Kronenberg


Zondag 30 augustus, Stal Lozeman Nijkerk

tijdens de Polo Country Fair

Voorafgaand zaterdag 29 augustus clinic.

Zondag 20 september, Anglo-European Stud Schijndel

Voorafgaand zaterdag 19 september clinic.

Zaterdag 26 september, EC de Peelbergen Kronenberg

Voorafgaand géén clinic.

Oktober en November

Data en locaties volgen.

12-13 december, Eindejaar finale Kersteditie 

Tweedaagse wedstrijd. Locatie volgt.