Nr 16 - Adult Equitation

Adult Equitation in de HJEH Online Horse Show.

Gejureerd door Jenny Fischer.

Jenny Fischer

Jenny Fischer: USHJA jury'R' gecertificeerd in Hunters, Equitation. Afkomstig uit Long Island, New York en runt sinds 35 jaar Riverview Farm in Montgomery, hier heeft ze succesvol paarden gefokt, getraind en in de show ring gereden. Ze heeft veel IHF Hunter Furturity winnaars en finalisten gereden.

Gedurende haar carrière reed ze Hunters, Jumpers en Equitation wedstrijden voor de beroemde trainer Ralph Caristo bij Glen View Stables. 

1st place: This rider has a very good upper-body position. She shows confidence and is secure in the saddle. She is following the horse’s mouth well with her release, allowing the horse to use himself fully over the jump in a controlled way.  I would fault her for the fact that she has very little weight in her heel and the lower leg has swung back behind the girth too far. This often is an indication of a rider pinching with their the knee. Horse and rider are turned out beautifully.

2nd place: This rider has her heel down well, however, her toe is pointing out and her leg has slipped back a bit. She is very much centered on her horse, however, she is over bending and over releasing. This position could be called jumping ahead of the horse which often leads to the horse getting a bit quick in the air over the jump. Horse and rider have a very nice expression and look like they are having fun.

3rd place: This rider lacks support and strength in her leg. Her stirrups look too long so she is on her toe reaching for the stirrup. With this leg position she is falling back or behind the motion of the horse which usually causes the horse to stall or hang up in the air over the jump. Her release is good, she is not catching his mouth in the air or interfering with his desire to jump. 

4th place: This rider looks a bit more novice on a very nice schoolmaster type horse.  She is also pinching with her knee, giving her very little support to hold her upper body over the jump. She has a very short release and  tight rein where the horse appears to be pulling her over the jump. He looks like he has this job done and she is along for the ride.