Nr 7 - Adult Equitation

Adult Equitation in de HJEH Online Horse Show.

Gejureerd door Angela Chovnick.

Angela Chovnick

Angela Chovnick: USHJA 'r' Hunter en Equitation jury. Afkomstig uit Ocala Florida. Tevens is ze een USHJA certified Head trainer bij Tri-Color Stables. 

1st place: This rider has a lovely and correct position over this fence. Her lower leg is perpendicular to the ground and thus supports her upper body. Her seat has come out of the saddle and her body has stayed in balance with her horse to give him freedom to jump the fence with ease. The rider's back is flat with eyes looking ahead to the next part of the course. She has a soft following hand giving her horse a nice llight contact over the fence. I might like to see a bit more wieght in this rider's heel and from the angle of this picture it appears her foot may have slid just a bit too much into the stirrup (too far in the home position) This horse has seems alert, pleasant, and quite capable for the job being asked of him.

2nd place: I also very much like this rider's position over this hunter type fence. Her lower leg is perpendicular to the ground and she has a good amount of weight in her heel. Her back his flat and eyes looking ahead. She has a nice following release with her hands. This rider is jumping a bit ahead of her horse though. Her seat is ahead of the saddle which puts more weight on the front of the horse and can sometimes interfere with a horses balance. This horse is making a brilliant effort over this fence.

3rd place: This pair gives the appearance of being athletic and keen competitors. Unfortunately the rider's lower leg has slipped back a bit from pinching with her knee. Her seat has come out of the saddle a bit too much putting her somewhat over the front of the saddle. She has a nice flat back with eyes looking for the next fence. The rider has a nice following crest release. I like this horse's smart eye , ears forward, and powerful effort over this fence.

4th place: This photo appears to be a pair schooling over a gymnastic style jump at home. The rider's lower leg has slipped rather far back. Her toe has all of the weight in this stirrup instead of the weight being in her heel and her knee is pinching the saddle, all allows the lower leg to slip back. The above causes the rider's body to be in front of the horses center of gravity. This rider does have a flat back and her eyes are looking ahead. Her hands are a little sitff in the release, possibly this picture captures a young horse learning or a horse that is strong to the jumps. The riders paddock boots could use some polishing.