Nr 10 - Adult Equitation

Adult Equitation in de HJEH Online Horse Show.

Gejureerd door Jenny Fischer.

Jenny Fischer

Jenny Fischer: USHJA jury'R' gecertificeerd in Hunters, Equitation. Afkomstig uit Long Island, New York en runt sinds 35 jaar Riverview Farm in Montgomery, hier heeft ze succesvol paarden gefokt, getraind en in de show ring gereden. Ze heeft veel IHF Hunter Furturity winnaars en finalisten gereden.

Gedurende haar carrière reed ze Hunters, Jumpers en Equitation wedstrijden voor de beroemde trainer Ralph Caristo bij Glen View Stables. 

1st place: This rider has a very correct position as far as his lower leg, heel and secure base in the saddle. He is very much in the center of the horse with his eyes looking ahead. He has a nice release allowing the horse to jump well using his head neck and back. This rider is a bit over-bending for the equitation a bit more of a hunter look.  

They both are very well turned out.

2nd place: This rider has very nice style and looks confident in the saddle. Her upper body control and release is quite good. Where she is lacking is the lower leg and heel coming up. This indicates to me, a less than secure position, especially when the jumps got bigger. She and her horse are also both well turned out and her horse has a good expression indicating he is relaxed and happy with his job.

3rd place: This rider looks fairly competent and she looks like she has a good connection with her horse. I would say that her leg being on the shorter side would benefit with more weight in her heel. She is very much in the center of her horse with her eyes looking to where she is headed.

I do not care for her hands, her reins look too long, with very little release. She appears to be over-bending with a stiff arm.

Her horse looks like he is doing his job with ease and looks like a nice equitation type. 

4th place: This rider does not yet have the foundation for equitation. She is very much perched on top of the horse with what appears to be a loose lower leg that has slipped back with very little weight in her heel.

This leg position often results in the rounding of the back and upper body and the short reins and release. These results make for a stiffer horse that will not jump as well.  Horse and rider are also very well turned out.


Note: ‘Perched’ kan worden omschreven als gespannen en stijf. De ruiter zit te ver over de voorkant van het zadel over het paard en mist een ontspannen verbinding van het been om het paard.