Nr 4 - Adult Equitation

Adult Equitation in de HJEH Online Horse Show.

Gejureerd door Missy Roades.

Missy Roades
Missy Roades: USHJA ‘R’ gecertificeerde jury , trainer en coach in Hunters en Equitation, 53 jaar oud en woonachtig in Ravenel South Carolina.

1st place. Photo D is our winner today. Her line from hip to heel is exactly correct, and she is looking up and ahead. Her release is a good length for the small jump even though the horse is giving a beautiful effort and looks very happy to be jumping. This rider is giving this horse the opportunity to jump in good style because this balance position is not going to interfere in anyway.

2nd place: Foto C is our second place today. This writer has a very secure leg and is looking up and ahead over this big ask her. However, she has allowed her upper body to duck too far down towards the horses neck. Adding this extra weight to the neck in the air can cause a horse to be slower with its front end causing a rub or a rail. Lovely, scopey horse that would benefit from a little bit longer release and less upper body movement from the rider

3rd place. Photo B is our third place today. Not bad overall, but a couple of balance lines are out of place. Her hip is a bit behind her heel, making her look a little bit behind the motion which may lead to her opening up her body early in the air. This can cause a hind rub or a rail or even a horse to get quick through the air. Her back is flat and she is looking up, but I would like to see her hands an inch or two lower as not to interrupt the line from her elbow to the horses mouth. Horse is happy and capable and her shiny boots are a treat!

4th place: Photo A will be fourth place today. Well this writer looks completely capable and brave, she lacks some fundamentals of Hunter seat equitation. Heels must be lower than the toe in order to have a correct base of support. In this photo the riders foot appears to be all the way through the straight up with no weight in her heel and her legs have lost contact with the saddle. Perhaps some work without stirrups and extra time in two point position will help her lower leg. Her horse is very cute, looks game, and if she improves her position they can help each other out in a more stylish way